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Inside the Greenhouse
March 2022

A monthly update on FCNL’s environmental advocacy and emerging climate issues that impact our work.  

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Energy Impacts of the War in Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine rages on, we grieve the loss of life and destruction to our world that war inevitably brings. The people of Ukraine and all those affected by this conflict deserve our prayers, attention, and support.

However, it is also vital that lawmakers and advocates pay close attention to the energy and environmental implications of this terrible war. Energy and conflict are significantly intertwined issues, and the Ukraine war is only one example of this intersection.

On March 8, the United States banned imports of Russian oil and gas in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While this will have significant economic impacts on Russia, it will also have a global impact on oil and gas prices, including in the United States.

With gas prices already increasing rapidly, some have pointed to this price jump as a reason to increase domestic oil drilling. But if we truly want to tackle the security and economic challenges associated with energy sources, the United States must focus on making a just transition to renewable energy sources. Responding to the Russian invasion with non-violent sanctions and bans is important, but it must not be done at the expense of the climate crisis.

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News and Updates

New Report on Climate Changes Poses Stark Warning
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report on Feb. 28 stating that the planet will continue to warm over the next few decades, even if immediate action is taken. The most effective way to prevent the most serious consequences of global warming is by immediately reducing carbon emissions. Any delay in implementing these reductions could lead to even more devastating effects. This report further reinforces the need for the Congress to pass climate legislation that will help accelerate the United States’ transition to renewable energy and a low carbon economy.

Supreme Court Hears Key Case on Emissions
On Feb. 28, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of West Virginia vs. the Environmental Protection Agency. This case focuses on a dispute over the Clean Air Act and whether it gives the EPA the ability to control carbon dioxide emissions from gas and coal-fired power plants. The Supreme Court isn’t expected to hand down a decision on the case, which could have significant impacts on federal agencies’ abilities to protect our environment, until late June.

Energy and Environment in the State of the Union
We had hoped to hear more about the climate crisis during President Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1. But his call for Congress to incentivize America’s renewable energy production and lower electric vehicles costs was encouraging. This push is in line with the climate initiatives in the Build Back Better Act, whose investments represent a key aspect of the U.S. response to climate change.

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